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June 26, 2010



Amy - I am so happy you got to enjoy Yellowstone! That was one of our favorite trips as a family - driving 3/4 of the way across the country as a family unit, there is no better way to learn who you & your family are!

So sorry about the face thing, that sucks. :(


I'm such a sap. The end of your vacation made me teary.

That Dermabond is some amazing stuff isn't it. We're pretty familiar with it in our family. Seems I have little dare devils. :)

Shannon Littrell

Oh Amy- This trip has been amazing for both of us. Sorry to see it come to an end. I know how you feel about the camera... sometimes it's best to just be a "mom". Hope your wound heals quickly!!!


I don't want to sound totally cheesy here, but this has been a true pleasure. My dream is to take a trip like this with my crew and now it has moved to the top of the list! I love that you paused life and just drove. Thanks for sharing it with us all! - jodie

Gina Oh | Gina Maxine Photography

this post made me teary too. thank you for including us in your journey, amy.

Amy C

Wow! I've always wanted to do this! You've put the bug in me now! Thanks for sharing your adventures with us!


Oh, Griswolds, how I have loooooooved living vicariously through your beautiful images and words. I've loved every post. Your adventures have been amazing. What a precious gift to have this time together!! Thanks for sharing it with us all!! X's and O's to you my friend!!


Hey Amy, thanks so much! I'm Shannon Littrell's BFF and she told me to take a peek. My family is picking up an rv in Salt Lake Sat and heading North. Bear World is now on our list! And Lava Hot Springs is already reserved so I'm glad to know it's a keeper! Thanks! -Marianne Kappel

michelle e.

this is a dream of mine. i hope to some day immulate this experince with my own family!! you did a great job and your kids will be thankful for all the photos!! great job!!

what is m2m

Hey nice baby and enjoy all movement are you. Thanks for sharing your experience.

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