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June 12, 2010



How fun!! I would love to do that sometime. Great shot of the windmills ;-)

Sherri W

OH I love these Amy. I truly loved seeing that last picture and seeing Cheryl's girls. I miss hearing about their family. It is REALLY neat to see how much her "baby" looks like HER! Wow.....


STOP making me miss you!!!!! xoxox

love the playground pics of your ladies....and of course the one of our 4 together....btw that chewing gum lasting all of 30 seconds and resulted in brutally stained mouths!


I am from Carlsbad and can't wait to see you make it look cool!


How fun! I'd love to do that someday, too! I never thought about the swaying part, tho...maybe I'll just live through your adventures! Can't wait to see what comes next! Enjoy!

Michelle Henrick

How fun :) Your girls are just gorgeous!


Oh, Amy, I am love, love, loving your summer fun pics! The playground pics are fabulous!! And, the four amigas is ADORABLE!! Can't get over how much they all have grown!! Wishing you Griswolds the BEST time ever!!! xoxo

Shannon Littrell

OMG! You are taking my DREAM vacation! I cannot wait to do this with Dubalicious and Larry. Have fun! Cannot wait to see your updates! Safe travels!!!!

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Wow ! Nice and very quiet baby

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Rocking photos!!!! your page is fabulous. love the design...perfect

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