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August 2010

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June 17, 2010



Awe' I miss them- Bring them home! Looks like yal are having a GREAT time and eating lot's of ice-cream! We tried to call Ansley for her birthday- so if you were wondering who the off' tune Birthday people were {me and ariana} *grin* Have fun and we miss yal-

Christie Lucas

Amazing photography, I feel like I've been on the trip with you, thanks for sharing......


I'm kind of jealous-I've always wanted to do something like what you're doing! It just sounds like so much fun...Thanks for all of the ideas on where to go when I actually get around to it! Your girls are just too cute and your descriptions make me laugh... "And it was a birthday yesterday so the girls insisted on ice cream"-haha. :) Hope you guys are having TONS of fun and Happy 6th Birthday to Ansley!


Love seeing all the fun you and your family are having. Happy Birthday to your sweet girl. Looks like she had a birthday she will never forget. How many can say they celebrated their birthday in the Grand Canyon... how neat!

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