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January 11, 2010



I loved that spot then, and I love it now!! What a great place... wish I could find one that amazing where I am!


What fun and how amazingly gorgeous too!! Snow is totally magical, well, when you are not driving in it!! Wishing you all an amazing 2010!! I know it's going to be AWESOME for you!!

Sandi Bradshaw

Amy these are beautiful! I love snow pictures...and you just don't see them all that often. Beautiful images of your girls!


HOORAY! Florida people don't know what to do with that white stuff! Awesome photos, as always!

Amanda Waltman

so fun! :)


these are so beautiful amy!


Amy, you girls are just gorgeous! Love all the snow, the pink, and the boots! :)


I just found your blog and wanted to let you know that you have a new fan! I love your pictures!!

Christie Lucas

I've been following you for sometime now and was absolutely blown away by these..gorgeous! I think I actually felt a chill in the air after viewing them.

Corey Sewell

These are gorgeous and your girls are so beautiful! I'm glad you survived the hill and had a great time!


Snow is so magical, amazing how it can change something so much.

Sherri W

Absolutely positively gorgeous pictures you have of your girls Mom! Seriously, I really adore these and the scenery. What a MEMORY to be had. Are you printing at least one for your home? I ask b/c it would be really neat and a great "conversation piece" (let's not mention the photography) to have in your home being that you live in a warm and sunny Florida!


AMAZING pictures Amy! Love them!! So glad you got to have some fun in the snow :)

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