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January 31, 2010



What a beautiful family!

Stephanie Piscitelli

She's is stunning! And what a beautiful family--looks like a fabulous abode, as well. Beautiful work, Amy!


so so gorgeous!!

Amanda Waltman

gorgeous family and photos! i'm so impressed by helene's husband---what a thoughtful gift! :)

Rachel Clare

AHHH! Helene, I just cried all over again! Amy, I've looked at this gallery over and over again, and I do believe it's my favorite session you've ever done (doesn't hurt that you photographed my friends!). :)
Just gorgeous! (And yes, Lee won serious brownie points for that one!)


Yeah, AMY!!! I feel so special to be on your blog! It feels like just yesterday you were here, and it's been 2 months already! Thank you again for these amazing memories and beautiful images!! You ROCK :)

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